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Ronda Shopping Centre, San Fernando

Centro Comercial Ronda
Avenida de Tirajana
San Fernando
35100 San Bartolomé de Tirajana

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Ronda shopping centre The Ronda shopping centre is not easily distinguishable from the San Fernando shopping centre because they are now attached, separated only ne a simple walkway that passes between them. The Ronda shopping centre is one shopping centre that just doesn't seem to fit. The Ronda shopping centre is in the San Fernando district of Maspalomas and has a unique interior. The Ronda shopping centre is round in shape and the different floors are accessed by a spiral ramp that gently swirls it's way round from floor to ceiling. With lifts either side of the Ronda shopping centre that will also take you down to the underground parking area, disabled and wheelchair access has been thought through carefully, and provided for. You will find that the Ronda shopping centre has a selection of bars, and cafés. With the ronda shopping centre being located in San Fernando, Maspalomas the prices in the Ronda shopping centre are usually very reasonable. If you are going to come to Gran Canaria for the carnival, you will find very close to the Ronda shopping centre a costume shop, from which you can purchase your carnival costume at a very reasonable price. Using the, underground car park, available at the Ronda shopping centre you will have easy access to a pharmacy, optician, hairdresser, florist, supermarkets and many other facilities and services.

It is a shame then, that so much of the Ronda shopping centre is full of empty units, and the units that are occupied are quite select. The Ronda shopping centre does not have a supermarket, and with, the Ronda shopping centre only having one gift shop there is very little reason to visit unless white elephants are your thing. The Ronda shopping centre does have ample underground parking so if you are visiting the area of San Fernando, because the Ronda shopping centre is so close to many other facilities, it may help you to leave your car here and walk. The Ronda shopping centre car park charges are very reasonable.