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Shopping in Telde

Telde used to be the capital city of Gran Canaria until the advent of the port in Las Palmas. Telde is definitely a Canarian town.

It is not really geared up for the tourist except it does have some incredible history and places to see, and of course, because a large number of people live there, shopping in Telde is very good.

In Telde you can combine shopping with getting to know the real Gran Canaria. Telde does of course have some huge hypermarkets, for example Alcampo and Leroy Merlin.

Shopping in TeldeIf you do want to go shopping in Telde while you are here in Gran Canaria then may we suggest you opt to hire a car and head for Las Palmas to have a look around and then on your way back stop at Telde before returning home after what will be a tiring day.

While you are shopping in Telde you must stop at one of the many restaurants or bars, the food is good and the service outstanding. One thing is for certain, you will not find souvenir shops. Go shopping in Telde if you're after that little something different to take home that won't cost you an arm and a leg.