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Shopping in Vecindario

Originally for tourists Vecindario is now a place where locals live work and shop and prices here reflect this.

When shopping in Vecindario you will discover that it has two principal shopping streets,  Avenida Canarias and Calle Primero de Mayo, both of these are laden with shopping opportunities and cut right through the entire length of Vecindario.

If you are taking a car please take note that Vecindario has some rather complicated one way systems and if you hesitate other drivers can become very impatient.

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Shopping in VecindarioWhen shopping in Vecindario, you will find it advantageous to your nerves and general disposition if you park in the Atlántico shopping centre which is free, and then walk. Just make sure you have sensible shoes on as there is a lot to see and walk around in Vecindario.

is replete with all manner of shops which sell all manner of goods and services. Many of them close for siesta so between 1pm and 5pm so if you go shopping in Vecindario between these times you will find many of them closed. Usually it is the larger shopping centres that remain open during these hours.

Almost every side street has shops too, a map may be useful because it is quite easy to lose yourself here. Never mind though! You are on holiday and you have plenty of time for shopping in Vecindario and to find where you left the car afterwards.