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Cuatro Puertas - Telde

A lot of the archaeological sites around Telde are not in a very good condition but if you want to get in touch with the original natives of Gran Canaria then visit the site of Cuatro Puertas. An interesting site that could well be open to individual interpretation. Cuatro Puertas, meaning four doors is situated halfway between Telde and Ingenio, on a hill which the ancient Guanches considered holy. The Cuatro Puertas site is a cave with a main chamber, and four imposing entrances.

The Cuatro Puertas site used to be the dwelling of the Telde rulers, however there have been comments made, which say that Cuatro Puertas may have been a sacrificial site. On the coastal side of Cuatro Puertas there are three further caves, and with this site being thought of as holy by the ancient Guanches it is probable that these other three caves were not lived in, but rather used as burial grounds.