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Poblado Aborigen de Tara - Telde

The first inhabitants of Telde lived on the northern slope of the cliff, where the settlements of Tara, and Cendra are now located. Both of these settlements date back to Pre Hispanic times, meaning that it is yet another area where there is evidence of the indigenous Gaunche people of the Canary Islands.

The Guanches or aborigines used to live in Caves, such as the caves located at Poblado Aborigen de Tara, and had a very strict hierarchical society. Many of their homes were dug out from the cliff faces. However many of the cave dwellings here at Tara and Cendra were actually, naturally formed by volcanic eruptions.

Both areas of Poblado Aborigen de Tara were actually used until quite recently as dwellings, and for cattle storage. Tara was the location where the Idolo de Tara was discovered. You will see replicas of this idol all over the island. You don't have to look very far. There are pictures, souvenirs shaped in the form of the idol, and it even appears on some of the tea towels that many people take home with them. The Idolo de Tara is an anthropomorphic statue, and is considered to be the goddess of fertility. Very important in the religious rites of the Guanches. Alongside many of the replicas and images that can be seen all over the island, the original statue can be seen at the “Museo Canario”