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Santa Ana Cathedral, Las Palmas

Santa Ana Cathedral with it's two towers sits right at the heart of the Vegueta district of Las Palmas. It's construction was ordered by the Catholic kings of Spain after Gran Canaria was finally conquered in 1478 and was the first artistic building to be built onthe Island of Gran Canaria.

It's construction began around 1500 and took nearly four centuries to complete. Inevitably this resulted in the work of several artist and architects and this id displayed in the evidence of three architectural styles being present in the building: Gothic, Renaissance and Neoclassic.

Santa Ana Cathedal in Las PalmasLittle remains of the first plans for the cathedral but of those that do remain it appears to have been intended as a three nave building with each nave being the same height. Inside, in the chapels you can see some remarkable works of art, including many statues. The majority of these statues are thanks to the work of the famous religious sculptor José Luján Pérez.

The Diocese Museum of Sacred Art is housed in the south wing of the Santa Ana Cathedral. It's exhibits include Some valuable sacred artefacts, some paintings of note including a few by some of the Dutch masters, plus a collection of Spanish sculptures. The collection is the result of much love and dedication by the museum's curators and supporters and has taken the last four centuries to accumulate.

Just a short distance from the Square, behind the Santa Ana Cathedral you will find the Columbus House Museum, a museum dedicated to Christopher Columbus and one of the most splendid buildings in Las Palmas.