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Sports in Gran Canaria

Sports are available in Gran Canaria, and over the years the quality and variety has increased to offer the holiday maker far more than the traditional sun, sea, sand and Sangria. While many still come to Gran Canaria to top up their tan, more and more people are coming to enjoy the moderate climate while they enjoy their favourite Sports.

You will see from the menu on the left that we have tried to group the sports as much as possible and Gran Canaria offers everything in the way of Sports from a gentle game of golf to more extreme Sports like rock climbing and hang gliding.

The benefit of deciding to trying new sports while you are on holiday, or coming on holiday to enjoy your favourite sports in one of the best climatic conditions in the world is that you do not have to carry equipment around with you. Many of the different sports installations and sports facilities have sports equipment, available for hire. If your chosen sports adventure or sports facility does not have sports equipment available for hire, then they will be able to advise you of where the best sports shop is located, that can offer you the best sports equipment hire.

You will from the menu on the left that we have divided the sports section of the website as much possible to help you find relevant information on the different sports that interest you. As you enter each different sports section for example air sports; on that page you will discover information and telephone numbers for different companies offering air sports

The information inside the sports section of the website will be constantly growing, because as we obtain more information we will be adding it to the information already there so that you, get the very best out of Gran Canaria and the different sports that it has to offer.

Mojo Picon Aventura

We have decided to include Mojo Picon Aventura on the main sports page because they offer so many different sporting activities, that if we placed their information, on the relevant pages, they would appear throughout the whole of the sports section. The sports activities that Mojo Picon Aventura offer include:- Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Multi Adventures, Shepherd Leap, Kayacking, Trekking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Sky Diving, Stand up Paddle Surfing, and Wind Surfing. For more information please visit their website.

Whether your chosen Sports are on land, on or under the sea or even in the air you are going to find sports to interest and amuse you. Even if you are only interested in trying a new sport while you are on holiday, then don´t worry because many of the different Sports on Gran Canaria often have instructors or guides that can teach your chosen sports at all levels.

Don´t just come on holiday to Gran Canaria for the sun, try something different and come for the different sports that are available as well.