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Golf in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria with it's yearly average temperature of 21 degrees Centigrade and it's annual rainfall of next to nothing, makes this a perfect place to come for a golf holiday all year round. Especially, if during the winter months you come from a much colder climate. This seemingly eternal spring is also ideal for playing and practising golf. So why not combine Golf with catching rays while you are on holiday?

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The island currently has 7 golf courses all within a radius of 50km so you have plenty of choice and there are more golf courses, under construction. Gran Canaria has played a pioneering role when it comes to Spain and Golf. The first Spanish golf course was built at Las Escaleritas in 1891 followed by what is now known as Real Club de golf near Bandama in 1957. Previously known as Club Decano de EspaƱa. This golf course had as it's first members, residents from the British colony that had settled in Las Palmas. Giving us yet another example of how the British played their part in the inception and development of tourism on Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria forgot about Golf for a while, and after it's pioneering beginnings it seems that the golfing infrastructure here on the island was lagging behind that of other popular destinations. Most of the golf courses available on Gran Canaria are in fact recent additions and most, are newly constructed. There is an upside to this though, it means that as golf has progressed and golf players have become more proficient, with needs for more challenging golf courses, Gran Canaria has been able to step up to the mark once again by providing new golf courses that promise to keep the interest of aspiring beginners, and challenge the most experienced golf player.

All the new golf courses have been designed by Prestigious International golf course designers and without exception, each one boasts, not only challenging but exceptional features. Leaving no doubt as to why national and international golf tournaments are held in Gran Canaria throughout the year.

Gran Canaria is home to keen golfers as well as being a popular destination for those wanting to play golf on holiday, so with the tourists and the local golfers combined there is very often a great deal of pressure on individual golf courses to accommodate everyone it pays to get your chosen golf course early, when you want to book a green, just to avoid disappointment. Did you know that the European Tour has been played on Gran Canaria several times now? Now that really does show the quality of golf that can played in Gran Canaria.