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Rock Climbing in Gran Canaria

Rock climbing in Gran CanariaSo you were wondering what it might be like to see Gran Canaria from a precipice a few thousand feet up? Well you can find out, by rock climbing. Gran Canaria is a volcanic island with very rocky terrain which makes it ideal for rock climbing. Don't worry about being a complete novice either, there are companies that offer full instruction in this challenging sport to people of all levels

The island has a very good all year round climate which makes it ideal to learn or enjoy rock climbing on some exceptional, volcanic terrain.

With it's wealth of different geological features Gran Canaria offers everything a serious rock climber could wish for. Roque Nublo (The cloudy rock) is Gran Canarias symbol and can be seen everywhere was the first rock climbing site on the island and currently has 12 rock climbing routes of varying difficulty and each having a different name.

Mountain ClimbingAnother famous rock climbing site is Las Melequinas which is next to a bridge of the same name, and accessed from GC2 which travels along the northern part of the island. This can be found in the municipality of Santa Brigida. The leading rock climbing site in the south of Gran Canaria is called La Sorrueda which can be found very near Santa Lucia. With a few exceptions rock climbing is allowed everywhere. Prohibited places are those sites that are publicly owned, Sites that have special ecological sensitivity, some places of special archaeological interest or military sites. This means that is essential for all climbers to respect, preserve and not disturb the habitats and natural environments of the areas where they are rock climbing and observe the areas that are banned and to not climb there.

Rock climbing is potentially a very dangerous sport, and it is necessary to carry certain documents for your security and the safety and security of others around you. You will need to carry a federation of rock climbers licence, and the relevant insurance that covers you for public liability and accidents etc. It is also highly recommended that before you start rock climbing you enquire about the relevant rock climbing conditions, sites, regulations and equipment, from the federation of mountaineering, or that you do your rock climbing with other local climbers. Because of the volcanic nature of the island, Gran Canaria has some excellent rock climbing.