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Walking & Hiking in Gran Canaria

Hiking in Gran CanariaGran Canaria has such a diversity of terrain from the lush green northern hemisphere to the arid and desert like south it is a paradise for people who want to explore the island by walking. Gran Canaria is the third largest island an the archipelago and so has lots of space to be discovered by walking.

Historically, the only way to get around the interior of the island was by walking along the Caminos Reales which have recently been recovered and opened. These ancient Guanche pathways are now open for everyone to enjoy, especially hikers.

During some of walking routes, you will see other island features such as Roque Nublo, and the stunning Barranco de Fataga. As a point of interest, from Roque Nublo which is an amazing site in itself you can see right across to the snow covered peak of Mount Teide in Tenerife.

Walking in Gran CanariaAlmost 66,000 hectares of the island are protected and given over to rural parks, protected reserves, nature reserves and all, contain natural monuments. The old walking tracks allow access to most of this land and some of the walking routes are very challenging, while others are more gentle and shorter in length.

Happy Hiking

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Walking and Hiking with Rambling Roger

Rambling Roger have also created a guide for 25 great mountain walks in Gran Canaria. To find out more from Rambling Roger send an email to Rambling Roger.

If you are going walking during your holiday don't leave your accommodation unprepared. Weather conditions in the mountains can be very different from the weather conditions on the coast, and can change abruptly. Make sure you take with you Good shoes and a second pair, warm clothing, sun block, food and plenty of water, a good map is essential. It is a good idea never to go walking alone and always make sure that someone who is not going walking with you knows where you are planning to go and what time you expect to return.

View from a mountain hike in Gran CanariaPublished by El Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria are a series of leaflets with maps and while the main information is in Spanish the length, duration and altitudes of the different walking routes are clear. Also available from Amazon is another very useful book on walking called Gran Canaria: Rother Walking Guide, this is available in English.