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Sailing in Gran Canaria

Sailing in Gran CanariaYachtsmen from Gran Canaria have an excellent international sailing performance record and this is not by chance. It is due to the optimum sailing conditions that benefit the island, with it's open seas and steady prevailing winds. No coincidence then that there are so many yachts that can be seen here all through the year. Particularly in the harbour at Las Palmas.

Regatta's in Gran Canariasailing Regattas are a common event in Gran Canaria and are put on for all classes of yacht and the regattas either start here or call in here. If you own a yacht, it may be helpful to know that all types of equipment for sailing and yachting are available for hire on the island. With the excellent sailing facilities available here, Gran canaria's marinas have become a frequent stop off point for many Transatlantic crossings and often just as a base for sailing around the islands while the sailors soak up the atmosphere and the friendly warmth of the locals.

Sailing With such a mild climate Gran Canaria is perfect almost all year round for any water sport or sailing activity. It has 236 km of coastline and almost 60 k, of the coastline are beaches. The different water sports or activities include ; sailing, water skiing, surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, parascending, deep sea fishing, kitesurfing, jet skiing and with the wrecks and marine life that are out there waiting to be seen there is diving as well, plus simple enjoyment of the sea. The winds , the climate and the currents that attract large schools of fish, the quality of the sea and it's natural conditions have all come together to give Gran Canaria a year long sailing and water sporting season, whereas across the rest of Europe, sailing, plus all these other water sports and activities come to a grinding halt in winter.