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Surfing & Bodyboarding in Gran Canaria

Body SurfingWorldwide, surfing and bodyboarding has captured the hearts and minds of many. With some of the most perfect conditions in the world for surfing, Gran Canaria has caught the bug as well and is home to surfing tournaments and surfing world championships.

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The attraction of surfing is possibly the joining together, of many elements. Windsurfing requires Skill and high paced manoeuvring while producing adrenaline, all set against a backdrop of unpredictability as the sea turns from graceful and serene to formidable and violent, often with little or no warning and Gran Canaria has plenty of sea to offer.

Surfing in Gran CanariaThe north of the island between Las Palmas and Galdar the coast receives constant on shore winds and the waves can reach heights of up to 5 metres.

To complete the whole surfing and boardboarding experience, Gran Canaria has a number of surfing shops and surfing schools that will hire surfing equipment to you, one of which is to be found in San Fernando. Whilst along the east coast; Vecindario, Arinaga and Pozo Izquierda the conditions are ideal for bodysurfing. The perfect bodyboarding conditions are also found in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria.

Below you will find a list of surfing schools offering instruction and schools and shops that offer rental of surfing boards and essential surfing equipment.

Based in San Agustín at playa de las Burras, and Pozo Izquierdo, Beach Leisure offer you two different Surfing schools. One for kite surfing and the other for wind surfing plus a comprehensive shop for all your surfing needs. Beach leisure surfing centre also have an extremely comprehensive rental system covering a large range of equipment and duration which will enable you to realize the full potential of your surfing in Gran Canaria.

Specializing in Surfing holidays, Club Mistral have a surfing centre in Bahia Feliz Gran Canaria. Club Mistral offer board rental, surfing excursions to other areas of Gran Canaria, and surfing courses. Besides surfing board rental they also offer the option of hiring all the necessary equipment including wetsuits and harnesses. The Club Mistral shop in Bahia Feliz also has available second hand equipment for sale and surfing fashions. Along side the surfing opportunities available, Club Mistral also offer, boogie boards and kayaks.

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  • Surfing courses for beginners.
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  • Surfing on other Canary Islands. With a minimum of 4 people, PR Surfing will take you to the best locations for surfing on La Graciosa, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.
  • Beginners surfing course for girls.
  • Surfing courses for Children.
  • Sandboarding. Yes exactly as it sounds, surfing without getting wet.