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Banana Park

Banana Park
Carretera Los Palmitos, Km. 4
35100 Maspalomas

Tel. 928 14 14 75
Open daily 9.30 - 17.00

Banana ParkBanana Park maybe not as interesting as some theme parks but perhaps it has something when you consider just how important historically, bananas were to Gran Canaria. When you consider how many bananas are still exported from these islands each year, it may just be worth a visit. A finca is a smallholding and these vary in size but usually they all have land around them, which is what makes them special, Banana Park is a typical Canarian Finca and it covers 50000 square metres. It is home to around 4000 banana palms (did you know bananas are actually annual plants), 400 orange trees, papayas, aloes and more.

Of course if you are not interested in the plants at Banana Park there are the animals and they have camels, goats, cows (and there are not many of them on Gran Canaria), black Canarian pigs and more.

It is quite possible that Banana Park does not have enough to entertain you for a full day but with it's close proximity to Palmitos Park you could easily combine the two, and plan yourself a really fascinating day out while you are on holiday in Gran Canaria.