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Cactualdea Park

Cactualdea Parque
Carretera del Hoyo
35478 La Aldea de San Nicolás

Tel. 928 89 12 28
Fax. 928 89 06 88

Open daily 10.00 - 18.00

Cactualdea ParkAs it name might suggest Cactualdea park displays to the public a vast array of cactus. At least 1200 different species can be seen here and some have been bought here, from far flung places like Madagascar, Bolivia, Mexico, and Guatemala and all are set amongst Dragon trees, a variety of Palm trees and Aloes.

As if all there was that enough there is more. Cactualdea park also contains a model of a Guanche cave and also has a splendid restaurant where you are able to choose between typically Canarian dishes or select from their range of international foods. All this is designed to help you relax before you stroll around further and visit their animals and birds which include Ostriches, goats and peacocks and more.

CactusLa lucha Canaria is really important here and the tradition has been carried on for centuries. This is translated as the Canarian fight and is very similar to Sumo wrestling. Cactualdea park has an amphitheatre dedicated to la lucha Canaria and on top of this they also have a vast wine cellar and over 250 wines are available to be tasted. Cactualdea is a theme park with lots to see and do, and a great day out for the family while you are on holiday in Gran Canaria.