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Cocodrilo Park

Cocodrilo Park
Carretera General
Los Corralillos
Villa de Aguimes
Gran Canaria

Tel. +34 928 78 47 25
Fax. +34 928 78 47 18

Open: 10.00-18.00 Sunday to Friday

One of the residents of <strong />Cocodrilo Park</strong>Cocodrilo Park started with the Balser family after they were asked to take care of a few crocodiles. They accepted, and after time they now have the largest collection of crocodiles in Europe. Cocodrilo Park have been asked over the years by the environmental protection agency to take care of other species as well. So besides the Crocodiles, at Cocodrilo Park you will see an array of other animal species including monkeys, chimpanzees and various birds, usually arriving in a condition of very bad health.

Another fine specimen of Cocodrilo ParkThis led to the beginning of Cocodrilo Park "Parque de los Cocodrilos" which happens to be the only zoological park on the island of Gran Canaria. Cocodrilo Park opened it's doors to the general public in 1988 and over the course of the following years the family that owned Cocodrilo Park continued to add other animals to their collection by purchasing them from private owners and circuses. Cocodrilo Park now has over 300 crocodiles, various species of tropical fish and a parrot show on the area they call Tropical Island, along with a cactus garden. Cocodrilo Park is not a charity and is not supported by any public organisations, the upkeep and welfare of the animals and the park, plus the salaries of the professionals caring for the animals are all paid for from the monies raised from the entrance fees. If you have an interest in the world around us, then Cocodrilo Park must surely be a place to visit. You will also have many great photo opportunities to take home with you as a memory of the time you spent in Gran Canaria.