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Jardín Botánico

Jardín Botánico
Barranco de Guiniguada
Tafira Alta

open daily 10.00 - 18.00 Except public holidays

Jardín Botánico Jardín Botánico is the largest botanical garden in Spain and covers 27 hectares of undulating ground. This public garden was founded in 1952 by a Swedish gentleman called Eric Svventenius. Jardín Botánico is located in Tafira which is approximately 10 minutes drive from Las Palmas.

Jardín Botánico is not only a tourist attraction, it is also a place of significant scientific interest. As well as tending to many indigenous species from the Canary Islands Jardín Botánico also tends to plants of special interest or those deserving of protection from extinction.

Cactus at Jardín BotánicoOn entering Jardín Botánico the first stop off point and an amazing photo opportunity is "La Plaza Viera Y Clavijo". From this point you have a stunning view right across the whole area of Jardín Botánico. A few years ago a new species of "Dragon Tree" was discovered here and it is completely indigenous to Gran Canaria and can be found growing around the island, hanging off rock faces. Jardín Botánico has some specimens of this tree which has blood red coloured sap. Jardín Botánico is also home to a glorious waterfall and lake, an exhibition centre and a cave workshop. Included in everything that there is to see here is a cactus garden which has more than 2000 species of cactus for you to peruse.

Some of the flora and fauna at Jardín BotánicoA visit to Jardín Botánico is an essential part of any holiday if you enjoy natural science. Travelling to Jardín Botánico is fairly easy. Buses leave the south of the island for Las Palmas very regularly, and once at Las Palmas buses will pass Jardín Botánico approximately every 15 minutes. If you are not visiting Jardín Botánico as part of a tour and need to ask at the bus station for directions a little Spanish may be very useful.