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Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park
Barranco de Los Palmitos
35109 Maspalomas
Gran Canaria

Tel.: 928 797 070

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Cacti and succulents in Palmitos ParkPalmitos Park is a large, 200,000 m² botanical garden and aviary. Palmitos Park is a subtropical park and situated in the south of the Gran Canaria, approximately 10 km north of the tourist beaches and dunes of Maspalomas.

Palmitos Park lies in the midst of mountains so visitors have many opportunities in enjoy the beautiful views and scenery when walking through the park.

ParrotsA striking feature of Palmitos Park is the great wealth of cacti and succulents with the succulents being in excellent condition. There are over 160 different cactus types and 1000 palm trees of 42 different types.

Parrot-like birds are well-represented in Palmitos Park, but other types of birds are also to be found, including a variety of swans and ducks. In all there are over 1,500 exotic birds of 230 different species.

FlamingosMany of these fly freely in Palmitos Park. Crazy Delores, an insane parrot, is the most famous resident.

Parrot showSee endless acrobatics in strikingly colourful exhibitions in the Parrot Show. Gracious performance of cockatoos and parrots showing off their skills and intelligence.

At the far end of Palmitos Park there is a small terrace near a fountain, along a path that leads up to the amphitheatre where exotic birds, and birds of prey perform in shows. Next to the amphitheatre there is a snack bar. A small cafeteria can be found elsewhere in Palmitos Park.

Birds of Prey showThe Birds of Prey show takes place in an amphitheatre with terrace located on top of a mountain surrounded by panoramic Exotic Bird Show views. Eagles, falcons and several species of owls, along with other birds of prey in free flight will perform spectacular aerobatics. A number of these birds can reach up 200 km/h when nose-diving.

The birds of prey amphitheatre in Palmitos Park also hosts the Exotic Bird Show, including marabous, ibises, spoonbills, Kookaburrahs and parrots.

Komodo DragonThe komodo dragon belongs to the first offspring bred in Aquariumcaptivity in Europe. It's almost 4 years old and more than 10 kg in weight.  It can reach 3 m long and 90 kg in weight and comes from the Islands of Komodo, Rinca and Flores, in Indonesia.

The aquarium inside Palmitos Park contains a small Pacific reef housing a broad variety of tropical fish, including clownfish, lion fish and yellow tangs, and coral. The aquarium in Palmitos Park contains a simulation of a tropical river. The day out at Palmitos Park is a fascinating, interesting and informative one. It is easy to spend the entire day here and with all the opportunities that there are to take photographs, you will have plenty of memories to take home with you, of your time spent in Palmitos Park and Gran Canaria.