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Sioux City

Sioux City
Barranco del Águila
35100 San Agustín
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Tel. +34 928 762 573
Fax. +34 928 767 201

Open daily  10.00 - 17.00 except Mondays

Friday Night open at 20.00 for a Barbecue night
and 90 minutes of a fantastic Wild West show

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Sioux City Cowboys and Indians at warAllow yourself to be transported back in time to the wild wild west and encounter warriors such as White Herb and cowboys like Doc Holiday at Sioux City. Get caught up in realistic bank hold ups or a sudden shoot out that occurs between cold blooded cowpokes and the lawmen of Sioux City. Everything at Sioux City is recreated and centred around America's wild west, including gunfights with sheriffs, and saloon gals around a rustic barbecue. Sioux City is so authentic, they even have can can dancers and just to complete the atmosphere, at Sioux City the air around you is saturated with the strains of authentic country & western music. The shows go on and on here. At Sioux City you can watch "Duel to the death", Saloon fight", "Bank Robbery", "Indian Rain Dance", Town Square Hanging" and "Mexican Acrobats" to name but just a few of them.

Shopping at the local town store cowboy styleThe surface area of Sioux City covers a whopping 320,000 square metres, and is a replica of wild west town which features typical houses, a ranch, a church, a bank and a saloon. Remembering back to your days of your youth, you must remember, that you cannot possibly have cowboys without Indians and not to be missed is the Indian reservation at Sioux City. As if all this was not enough, for the children there is also a petting zoo. Sioux City is a stunning and fascinating day out for everybody and if you have to choose which attractions to see and which to miss because you don't have enough time, then Sioux City must be on your list of things to do because it must not be missed.

Even the chickens get in on the actionSioux City was built in the 1970's for the filming of the western, "A Fistful of Dollars". After filming had finished it was decided to turn Sioux City into the theme park it has become today. Sioux City has a special evening every Friday, and if you visit Sioux City on a Friday evening, you will be able to take part in the barbecue as well. For more information and up to date offers and special evenings offered by Sioux City, we recommend that you visit one of the many tourist information kiosks that are around. Whilst in Gran Canaria you will find many places that will sell an excursion to Sioux City because it is one of the most popular theme parks on the island.