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Car Hire Companies And Tips

Whether you are living in Gran Canaria, or coming on holiday here, or any other country for that matter, car hire is something that is widely available, yet at the same time can be fraught with pitfalls.

When you talk with people about their various experiences when it comes to car hire, the stories are almost as many and varied as the people themselves. For example we have heard, about people who 10 minutes after taking their hire car from the car hire company, were stopped by the local police, and the hire car condemned. They were not allowed to even drive it back to the car hire company, and lost their money. Other friends of have been supplied with a car with extremely under inflated tyres. Imagine that in the mountains!

As a positive note, these are rare stories, and on the many number of occasions, that we have needed to hire a car, we have never experienced anything like this. This page is to give you the reader some helpful, and we hope useful tips and advice on how to avoid falling into these pitfalls, plus many links links through to our table of car hire companies

Car Hire Tip 1. Do Your Homework.

It cannot be stressed enough just how very important to shop around for the best car hire deal. Use the internet and search the car hire agencies that can be found online. For example obtain quotes from sites like,, and This will not only give you an idea of the best offers that are available at the moment, but also, give you a tough idea of what you should be expecting to pay. This is perhaps the most useful if you are planning to hire a car for longer periods of time, or the entire of length of your holiday. You can also contact some of the local car hire companies directly using the information available on our car hire table.

Car Hire Tip 2. Make The Most Of Upgrades.

A good deal of car hire companies will offer you excellent rates locally, to upgrade the make and model of the car you have chosen to hire. If you have chosen for example a small to medium sized car that has a strong demand, some car hire companies will even upgrade your vehicle for free. It is always prudent to enquire at the rental collection point to ask about upgrading you hire car, and what offers are available.

Car Hire Tip 3. Making The most Of Your Money.

If you are booking your car hire online, choose a company that will allow you to make the whole payment, in the home currency of your credit or debit card. If this is not possible, Then make certain you enough hard currency to complete the payment when you collect the car. Using your credit card now could mean you are subject to the often very extortionate exchange rates imposed by your credit or debit card provider, and your good deal on car hire may not turn out to be so good after all.

Car Hire Tip 4. Read The Terms And Conditions.

This is boring we agree, and can seem a little like hard work. However we cannot stress enough the importance of reading and understanding the terms and conditions of your car hire. This is something that you should be doing before making or confirming your car hire reservation. Pay particular attention to the amount of the insurance excess. The car hire company may be able to offer you very attractive rates for the car hire but the excess may prove to be extremely costly, in the event of an accident, or minor prang, that needn´t gave been your fault. Especially if you are driving in a foreign country and at the mercy of the local drivers and their quirks. It is always worth asking the car hire company when you collect the vehicle, if they have any schemes that will allow you to reduce the excess on the insurance. Many car hire companies offer the option of paying a small insurance premium, and thereby reducing the excess to nothing. This may be especially prudent if you are driving abroad for the first time, or not feeling confident. Now is the best time yo also check the position on breakdown cover, and what you are liable for.

Car Hire Tip 5. Book As Early As You Can.

By booking your Hire car early, you will usually be able to make the most of any offers that are available. You are unlikely to find any offers when booking late. After all, they have the car and you need it. It is especially important to make the car hire reservation as early as you can if you need, or want a particular type of vehicle. Minibuses, 4x4´s, people carriers, and automatics are likely to be reserved well in advance and on Gran Canaria at least the car hire companies, don´t usually keep a large stock of these types of vehicle.

Car Hire Tip 6. Make Your Requirements Clear When You Make The Reservation.

At the time of making the reservation for your car hire, make certain that all your requirements are fulfilled. If you have a preference as to whether you are driving a manual or automatic, check the reservation carefully to make sure that everything correct. Reserving an automatic may be useful to you if you are driving abroad for the first time. It gives you one less thing to concentrate on, although if you are only licensed to drive to drive an automatic, then this step is crucial.

Car Hire Tip 7. Where And When To Fill Up.

Some car hire companies ask for the vehicle to be returned with a full tank of petrol, or diesel, although many here on Gran Canaria, ask you to return the car with a similar level of fuel, to that which the car had when they delivered it to you. If you are filling up to return the car, it is often recommended not to do so close to the drop off point. Especially important, if you happen to returning the car to the airport, where along with everything else, prices are often very inflated. If you are replacing a full tank of fuel you can save a substantial amount of money doing so at a local petrol station. If you are in a position to do so, then ask for the car to be delivered to you with a full tank of fuel. Then when you are filling up to return the car you are only paying for actual consumption.

Car Hire Tip 8. Make Sure You Have All The Paperwork.

Make sure you are fully aware of the paperwork you are going to need at the time you are collecting the hire car. As A rule of thumb you will need to have available, a passport, your driving license (some car hire companies require you to have both parts), a credit,debit card, in case of any extras charges at the end of the hire period. You must make sure that you have available the passport and driving licenses to hand for all the drivers that are going on the rental contract and insurance for the vehicle.

Car Hire Tip 9. Planning your routes.

Fortunately Gran Canaria is not that large and for the most part, your very first journey will be using the motorway system and good local roads. However some of the road systems here can be quite complicated, especially the one way systems, so planning your routes ahead of time could still be very prudent. Many of the car hire companies will supply you with a map of the island, but it is still a good idea to research your route before you arrive. If you need a good travel guide, and street maps, and want a better price than you will pay after you have arrived here check out our bookstore. It is still possible yo take wrong turn either off a motorway, or a local road, and end up having drive up and down a mountain road for some distance before you find a suitable place to turn around. Not good if you are driving straight after a long flight. At the time of collecting you hire car, it might be worth asking if you are able to hire Sat Nav to help make life a little easier.

Car Hire Tip 10. Making Sure You Have Prebooked All The Extras That You Need.

car hire companies are really good these days at carrying a stock of extras that their customers may need, and it is the best idea to have a list to hand when you make the car hire reservation, so that you don´t miss anything. It is also important to make sure that the car hire reservation includes all of these little extras so that the car hire company knows that it is needed, and doesn´t resell the items placing you in a situation where you may be driving illegally with children on board. It is essential to reserve the right kind of child seat. You need to specify whether you need booster seats, or front or rear facing baby seats. Take special care to include these in your car hire reservation if you need them, and are hiring a car during school holidays, as you will find that they are in very short supply.

We hope these car hire tips have helped you. If we have missed anything, and you would like to contribute some car hire tips of your own, then please send them to us using the send us your comments link below. If you think this page would be useful to a friend you can send to them using the other link or even bookmark it so all your friends benefit.