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Gran Canaria, International Gando Airport

Welcome to Gran Canaria Airport.

Welcome to the International Aiport at Gran Canaria

For up to date flight information for Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands amd Spain we would recommend that you visit the official Aena website. (You will need to change the language if you are unfamiliar with Spanish. This is not immediately obvious. Underneath the navigation bar at the top of their page you will see a spanish flag and a drop down list which, will offer you "English")
To perform a search for flights that are coming to Gran Canaria we would recommend the flight search on our flights page

Many years ago, so we have been told, the international airport at Gran Canaria was little more than a cattle shed with the only real facilities being a door font and back doors, to allow visitors to the island, an easy entrance and exit.

The International airport of Gran Canaria, once known as Gando airport has received and benefited from large investment over the course of time, and is now the well known large, shining, glass beacon, that it has it is today.

Investment hasn´t stopped of course and the airport is, at the moment undergoing an expansion programme.

Inside the International Aiport at Gran Canaria Inside the airport itself, you find large open areas, and every effort it seems is made to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Although to be perfectly honest, this courtesy is definitely extended to your pocket.

We have travelled through the international airport at Gran Canaria many times now, and if you want to enjoy the experience, we would recommend that you go as prepared as possible. When checking in to leave Gran Canaria you find that facilities are scant to say the least. There is one café which serves both the local terminal and the international terminal, and a book, cd store. The variety of food that is offered in the café is not bad, but the prices, to be fair, are designed to leave you with as little foreign currency as possible.

The local terminal at the International Aiport at Gran Canaria Ater you have checked in and said goodbye to your luggage, you now have about an hour to wander around, and spend the last of your Euros

After you have gone through security, you have more choice as to how you would like to spend your time. You can choose to sit in a number of bars or cafés, perhaps the shop that sells Canarian produce. Stock up on the duty free items that you would like to take home with you, although you should be aware that Gran Canaria does not come under the European agreement, and the limits are not as great as you might think. Make sure you are completely aware what the limits are and stick to them. You will be able to take them out of Gran Canaria easily enough, the problem occurs in England, where if caught, the very least that is likely to happen is the customs will confiscate all the goods that you have purchased abroad, and may decide to fine you as well.

There is good news though. After you have passed through security, the International airport at Gran Canaria, does have something special up it´s sleeve. There is a terrace, and a litle bar serving the terrace, where you can sit, enjoy a beer or two in the sunshine, alone or with the the family, and you can even enjoy cigarette her as well. How civilized!

Other facilities available at the airport, include, chemists, cash machines, help for the disabled, A taxi rank outside the arrivals lounge. Depending on how busy the the eirport is your wait for a taxi maybe as little as five minutes or as long as forty five minutes. Plenty of car hire offices, and flight information everywhere, so you don´t have to go very far to check to check the status of your flight.

Although travelling is in itself can be very stressful, with the atmosphere inside the international airport at Gran Canaria being as relaxes as it can be, they are working to reduce the negative experience of international air travel.

View across the runway at the International Aiport at Gran Canaria Of course the International airport is not the only airport that Gran Canaria has. There is also the sports airport at El Berriel, and the Airbase which shares the runways at the International airport.

El Berriel, the sports aerodrome on Gran Canaria