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Weather Climate & Average Temperatures in Gran Canaria

Dry, arid weather conditions in the south of Gran CanariaGran Canaria enjoys enviably good all year round weather conditions. It's sub tropical climate is very stable throughout the year and has one of the lowest cross-season temperature variations of anywhere in the world. Average highs range from 21 ºC in winter to 26 ºC in summer, while average lows are between 14 ºC and 21ºC.

A number of micro climates exist on the island, causing Gran Canaria to be known as a "continent in miniature"

Wetter weather in the north of Gran Canaria makes for a greener landscapeThis can perhaps best be seen when you contrast the alpine climate in the mountains with the Maspalomas dunes. These sand dunes are found in the more desert like weather of the south.  The mountains of Gran Canaria are one of the main causes of these different micro-climates across the island, and act as a weather block, shielding the southern part of the island from the rain and wind which is more prevalent in the north of the Gran Canaria.

Sirocco over Las Palmas, Gran CanariaOccasionally during the summer months, Gran Canaria can experience the hot Sirocco wind. The weather caused by the Sirocco wind brings with it hairdryer hot air with sand from the Sahara desert. Sometimes the Sirocco wind can bring temperatures of up to 45°C and the sand can reduce visibility to 100 metres. These weather conditions may last anything between a few hours up to a week.

In winter, Gran Canaria is favoured by sunseekers for the good weather conditions, with average maximum temperatures a pleasant 21°C (70°F) throughout coupled with about six hours of sunshine. Typically, there are 21dry days each month during the winter season.

Typical average daytime temperatures each month

Typical average daytime temperatures each month in Gran Canaria

Typical average night time temperature each month

Typical average night time temperature each month in Gran Canaria

With the ocean climate, the island is only slightly warmer in spring than in winter. However, the daily average maximum temperature rises to 24°C (75°F) by May. In Spring the weather is drier than in Winter, with about 26-29 dry days on average. 7-9 hours of sunshine can be expected on average each day.

Typical average rainfall each month

Typical average rainfall each month in Gran Canaria

During the summer months, Gran Canaria weather conditions are hot, dry and very sunny. Daytime average temperatures reach 29°C (85°F) throughout the season. Taking also into account the average 30 dry days and the 11 hours of sunshine, it is not surprising how popular these holiday resorts are.

The autumn weather systems bring a slow decrease of average maximum temperatures, but they are still about 24 °C (75 °F). By November, Gran Canaria is rather wetter, with 21 dry days on average, with a reduction in the number of average sunshine hours to about six per day.

In which ever month you decide to visit Gran Canaria, there's more than a very good chance you'll get to enjoy the fantastic weather.